Total crime rate in Ukraine (2013 – 7 months of 2022)

A total number of crimes committed in Ukraine, which is presented in the table below, shows that total crime rate has increased. Accordingly, two basis conclusions on the subject of Ukrainian criminality for the last nine years could be drawn from presented data:

  • having more or less stable total crime rate during 2013 – 2016, there had been a stable and permanent decrease from 2016 until the 2022 Russian invasion started;
  • having more or less stable total crime detection rate during 2013 – 2021, there has been a rapid decrease of total crime detection rate from the beginning of the 2022 Russian invasion.

A facultative conclusion that could be drawn is that a ratio between committed crimes and detected suspects has a stable trend towards decreasing until the 2022 Russian invasion.

The 2016 indicator which was an exclusion from the general rule could be partly explained with instability of political institutions after the 2014 Revolution and also with a reform of the National Police service of Ukraine where the new police force came into force in 2015.

General conclusion is that the 2022 Russian military invasion deeply influenced the Ukrainian criminal justice system and undermined its institutions.